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    Silicon Valley Meets Houston: the emergence of collaboration in energy markets

    Business utilities, a new breed of company in the energy market, are poised to tackle severe inefficiencies that have plagued the sector for decades. Energy players that recognize the potential of these emerging models can, and will, wield a competitive edge. But are large energy companies standing in their own way? In this article, Rashed Haq highlights how the energy markets can take inspiration from Silicon Valley to establish collaborative business models that unlock unimaginable opportunities. Download the PDF In today’s energy marketplace, businesses are feeling intense economic and regulatory pressure on many fronts. There is pressure in terms of [...]
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    DIGITAL CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: the key to long-term success for utilities

    Power utility businesses around the world are rapidly waking up to the enormous changes taking place in the global energy market. Stronger environmental policies, increased competition, empowered customers and evolving demographics add to the factors compelling the traditional electric utility industry to shift to a more competitive model. In this article, Yugant Sethi and Alakshendra Theophilus discuss the changing utility market, the benefits of digital transformation and the challenges many utilities are facing with their digital initiatives. THE CHANGING STATE OF POWER UTILITIES The traditional services model for utilities was one in which customers had little interaction with their energy [...]
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    INFORMATION INDUSTRIALIZATION: digitizing business relationships for energy companies

    Large-scale uncertainty, regulation and shifts in the competitive landscape are placing enormous pressure on energy firms’ existing operating models. In this article, Rashed Haq discusses an approach for “information industrialization” to help energy companies more effectively compete and thrive: harnessing modern information technology and adopting lean operating principles to create integrated, inter-company workflows across the energy value chain. The energy markets have experienced large-scale uncertainty over the last five years, driven by the dichotomy of a dramatic increase in supply from shale and renewables, and declining demand. Unprecedented midstream investments have created infrastructure changes, and the competitive landscape is shifting for [...]