artificial intelligence

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    CAN BANKS GET SMARTER? Rethinking AI in financial services

    As competition in financial services grows, success hinges on delivering exceptional customer service. The high cost of doing so has proved a barrier, driving many firms to turn to innovations that hold huge promise such as artificial intelligence (AI). However, there are major risks and the potential for costly mistakes. Conor Ogle and Rashed Haq look at what strategies need to be in place to ensure AI projects deliver and what firms can learn from recent implementations.

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    ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION: The silver bullet for operations or another red herring?

    Recognizing that existing operational models cannot be sustained, organizations are exploring new ways to innovate, most notably through robotic process automation (RPA). But is RPA worth the hype? Is it the ultimate solution for enhancing control and reducing costs within operations? Or is it just another quick fix that won’t work over the long term?

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    ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: how it’s transforming financial services today

    As customers and employees demand better and faster ways to engage, organizations are turning to digital technology to help them transform, remain competitive and grow. For many firms, this means improving how they interact with—and meet—customer needs. In fact, customer experience represents the single best opportunity financial services firms have to deliver on their priorities, according to a survey by Econsultancy. What’s more, 45 percent of respondents indicated that making the customer experience as personalized and relevant as possible is their key focus. CEOs around the world are not asking if digital disruption will occur, but instead, what it means [...]